And of course what is the topic of this play? Housing! You all know the scene in Vancouver. After a few minutes, this topic comes up at many dinner conversations or any place where people talk.

The play has a great solution for coping with Vancouver housing costs. Eight single Millennials and Gen-Xers come together to buy a house in Kits… what could possibly go wrong?

They do not want to be forced out of Vancouver. Are the property prices and rent payments sucking the fun out of Vancouver living?

As they plan the garden and pets, they find they are coming together to build a home. They are determined to find true happiness living here.

Of course the neighbours complain. Romulus, the CEO of their company, has to confront the Mayor. There are local bylaws and geopolitical stuff to consider.

Nathan Narusis wrote the play as he is fascinated by the idea that solutions to some of the seemingly impossible problems we face may be found by simple re-framing of our working assumptions.

Whether it is with respect to the concrete examples of Vancouverites crammed into unpleasant housing or stuck in toxic dally commutes, or the wider issues of resisting dictatorship while searching for true love and real (not virtual) social connection, Nathan hopes everyone who sees the play will find something in it relevant to their own goals and struggles.

The living arrangement portrayed in Pieces of Eight is similar to the international concept of co-housing. Families who want space and seniors who want help around the house are pursuing co-housing.

These ideas are based on SHARING: aiming to achieve life goals by trying to find a tangible roof over your head. And looking for friendship or even the elusive love, in Vancouver.

And to those of us who like a bit of music and dancing in any play – you will be happy. It’s a lighter side of the story we read in the news.

Let’s support our local culture and enjoy this contemporary play. You just may get thinking about new ideas.

Publius Productions’ Pieces of Eight is playing from November 21st to December 1st at Studio 16 at 1555 West 7th Avenue. Tickets are available online.

Last modified: November 27, 2018

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