Relative newbies to Vancouver, Calgary based Good Earth Coffee came to town last year, one can only assume at 300kmph in raised pickup truck, sporting a Cowboy hat.

I can be this mean mostly because I’m English and have perfected my stuttering, posh accent apology (think Hugh Grant) and also because Mrs. Vancouver Coffee Snob grew up there, so she’ll take care of the beating I deserve.

I digress.

Good Earth Coffee is the place you go when you want darker roasted coffee, served up by some amazingly friendly staff until late into the evening. It’s proximity to UBC means you’re very likely to find students setting up shop with laptops, but it’s big enough that you can almost always find a seat.

Vancouver Coffee Snob Recommendation: There’s a lighter roast special that’s sometimes available, so start with that as the other brews are fairly hefty. The Tuscan tuna melt should be paired with this drink, or alternatively push all that off the end of the table and just get sloshed drunk, because they’re licensed to sell alcohol.

Good Earth Coffeehouse, 2505 Alma Street, 604-620-7777,

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Last modified: June 12, 2018

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