Local food writer Nikki Bayley recently listed Vancouver’s “most beloved and vital dining experiences” in the Eater’s Guide to the Whole Entire World.

“Casual and super-healthy with an eye to sustainability, the city ticks in time with the sharply defined seasons and everything from spot prawns to ramps are duly fêted,” says Bayley.

“Add in mushrooming brewery and distillery scenes and an intoxicating variety of wine varietals from the nearby Okanagan and you’ll see why Vancouver’s reputation as one of the world’s best places to eat and drink is more than deserved.”

The 38 Essential Vancouver Restaurants includes three from Kitsilano that are worth checking out if you haven’t already.


1809 West 1st Avenue | 778-379-4052 | www.annalena.ca

You’ll find plenty of cheffy technique on display at Michael Robbins’ neighborhood restaurant, where the shelves groan with Best New Restaurant awards next to Lego art and Star Wars figurines. On the menu, modern Canadian cuisine draws its influence from the diverse mosaic of the country’s immigrant culinary traditions and flavors by way of home-grown ingredients. Sip on the excellent food-friendly cocktails from Kevin Brownlee, one of the city’s star bartenders, and don’t miss the chocolate-covered fried chicken skin for dessert.

Au Comptoir

2278 West 4th Avenue | 604-569-2278 | www.aucomptoir.ca

Take a trip to an excellent Parisian bistro where up-and-comer chef Dan McGee and team are whipping up French standards with BC’s finest produce. Everything from the Monin syrups to the stunning custom-made bar come from France — even the serving staff are mostly French, although with the happy addition of Canadian manners. Open for buttery croissants in the morning to gooey croque-monsieur at lunch and juicy entrecôte-frites with a mouthwatering crisp char at dinner, anytime is a good time for Au Comptoir.


1938 West 4th Avenue | 604-730-5579 | www.maenam.ca

One of the city’s most exceptional (and hardest working) chefs, Angus An has three other spots dotted across the city, including the noodle bliss of Fat Mao and Freebird Chicken Shack which excels in Asian-style rotisserie. But if you only have time for one, go to Maenam to experience An’s deft flavor-balancing act of sweet, aromatic, citrus, heat, and spice, which creates plate-lickingly great Thai dishes with a BC-twist. With terrific value, attentive service, and a killer cocktail and wine list, the restaurant is open for lunch and dinner.

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Last modified: June 20, 2020

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