When you know someone that prefers a cold one on the patio over a handful of daisies, that’s where Brewquet comes in.

Tastefully curated collections featuring craft beer and superior local goods. You can be assured that buying a Brewquet is simple but the gesture is grand.

Brewquet believes in sourcing local goods first and foremost and their hunt for product starts with neighbourhoods right in Vancouver – Gastown, Yaletown, East Van, and, of course, Kitsilano.

You know the one, the Gordon Ramsay of the BBQ, wearing a kiss the cook apron and showing off their warlike grilling techniques. Add some fuel to their fire and keep those culinary skills blossoming with the Kitsilano Brewquet.

The $80 Kitsilano Brewquet includes 6 beverages, a Brewquet signature bottle opener, Amola’s Bacon Salt, Tuscan herb Vancouver Olive Oil, Hot Sauce from Dine Alone Foods, The Nut Merchant’s garlic pepper cashews, and a Brewquet stainless steel ice bucket.

Delivery is available throughout the lower mainland before December 23rd. Order online.

If you have an gift idea for the Kits Wish List series, please reach out to wishlist@kitsilano.ca.

Last modified: January 1, 2017

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  1. Steve says:

    Awesome gift idea – thanks!