5 Things We Love about Kitsilano



Happy Valentine’s Day, all. In the spirit of true love, here are five things we adore about Kitsilano.

5 Things We Love about Kitsilano

1. The view. Admit it; it was love at first sight. Kits has an unparalleled panorama of ocean and mountains that never ceases to amaze residents as we grocery shop, walk, jog, bike, etc. We heart looking at the quirky character homes when strolling the Kits streets.

2. World class dining. Kits has a nice concentration of restaurants that excel at what they do. From our longstanding Italian greats such as Q4 Ristorante and La Quercia, to farm to table joints such as Bishop’s, Fable and Oakwood, and internationally-acclaimed international cuisine such as Thai at Maenam, Kitsilano residents are spoiled for choice. When it comes to quick fix health foods or decadent sweet spots, Kits also cleans up with Krokodile Pear juice bar, Tractor, Beaucoup Bakery and Chocolate Arts.

3. Beach access. Whether you’re penning weighty thoughts into your journal, walking the pooch, stand up paddle boarding, swimming or otherwise getting your sweat on, Kitsilano is the neighbourhood to choose for best beach access in Vancouver.

4. Community. Sure, Kits has its hot button issues, such as the proposed Kitsilano Beach Park bike path. The cool thing about all the controversy: it shows that residents care enough to have a heated debate. You need to worry about community spirit when a neighbourhood is passive.

5. The shops. Superficial? Perhaps at first glance. But it can get deep say when you’re discussing your favourite album with the staff at Zulu, buying the shoes to go with your major-life-event dress at Gravity Pope, or chatting with the butcher at Pete’s Meat about which cut of meat will make the best dinner for your family.

Have one to add? You should. There are so many things we love about Kitsilano. Now let’s hear from you.

Last modified: November 21, 2019

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