Advisory Group to Help Design the Kitsilano Beach Bike Path


Following public outrage over the Kitsilano Beach park bike path set to run through the picnic area, the Vancouver Park Board is putting together an advisory group to help design the route.

The Vancouver Sun reports that the advisory group is expected to include local residents as well as park users of all ages. They will work with park board staff and an external team of consultants in choosing the path.

The $2.2-million bike lane is part of a Seaside Greenway plan to build a bike lane from Canada Place to Stanley Park, then along False Creek and out to Jericho Beach.

Last modified: March 12, 2018

4 Responses to " Advisory Group to Help Design the Kitsilano Beach Bike Path "

  1. Courtney Smith says:

    What you mean is the residents and users will be consulted and then staff will do whatever they want. Like the bike lanes and greenways.

    THIS is how the public process works in Vancouver. Mayor Campbell was a master of this…..and Gregor the Great has learned well.

    Sadly, if this all turns out to be a bad thing…Gregor is not responsible just like Glen Clark is not responsible for the Fast Ferries.

  2. The opponents of safe bike paths conveniently forget children love to cycle on paths in parks.

  3. Parent to Kids says:

    In the Sun today it is written that the path looks like it was designed by a “psychopath” because of the risks it brings into the Park. Richard, are you that psychopath?

    It’s either that or you’re just carrying water for Vision.

  4. separate me says:

    Good news that the Parks Board is creating a advisory group on this project. The staff report describes a separated bike route that can make things more comfortable for all visitors to the park. The trick will be in the details – path layout and the avoidance of conflicts with other park visitors.