Lush Halloween 2012 collection in store now


Lush Cosmetics launched a spook-tacular, limited edition Halloween line now in store at 2248 West 4th Ave. At a recent Lush event, I was able to try them out. The line is full of fizzy, wiggly, jiggly, goopy, sparkly and pumpkin-spiced products. They range from fun/creepy to fun/functional. I’ll introduce you below and you can make the final call.

Pumpkin Soap, $6.95Hand-carved jack-o’-lantern goodness made with real pumpkin puree and spiced with cinnamon and cloves. Yes, it does smell edible. But you’ll fare better using it externally to nourish/soften skin.

Calacas Shower Jelly, $4,95 Acid-green, goopy shower gel molded into Day of the Dead skull shapes. The aroma is overwhelmingly lime-y thanks to lime oil, evoking both a clean public restroom and green gummy bears. Lush recommends freezing the jello and applying it in a hot shower. Made with seaweed and aloe, this feels simultaneously alarming and pleasant after a workout.

Twilight Shower Gel, $9.85-$27.95 Lavender oil shower gel with a grown -p aroma and irrepressibly immature purple, shimmery lather.




The Enchanter, $6.25 A fizzy bath bomb that also works great if you need a witch’s cauldron prop on the big night. When it hits water, tangerine dream turns to electric pink Caribbean sunset. Again, a wee bit too limeade on the scent, but the neroli (bitter orange oil) is lovely.



All Lush products are vegan. Although the company was founded in the UK, Vancouver is home to the company’s North American headquarters and has a local production centre.

Curious? Lush the store associates are always eager to assist with demos.

Lush, 2248 West 4th, 604-733-5874,

Photo credit: Lush Cosmetics

Last modified: October 24, 2012

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