Greens & Gourmet vegetarian restaurant closes as Heirloom prepares to open


Heirloom vegetarian restaurant loves fresh food. Photo credit: Heirloom

Kitsilano has long been the hub of Vancouver’s vegetarian fare. One of my favourite grab-and-go veggie places was Greens & Gourmet (2585 West Broadway) – a pay what it weighs buffet with healthy food, made from scratch, that was always pretty good.

Naturally I was disappointed to recently learn that after a lengthy stay in Kitsilano, the restaurant will be “relocating.” Unfortunately, I can’t seem to get any information on why or where – the website and phone are down and the signs at the location offer no information. Do any readers know the scoop?

Yet as one veggie restaurant closes another prepares to open. Balking the cheap and cheerful, hippy nature of Kits’ veggie restaurants, South Granville is soon to be home to Heirloom, a modern yet casual restaurant with Kitsilano ties – the chef is Georgia Morley (Chip Wilson’s former personal chef). The new restaurant will take over the Primo’s Mexican Grill and with 100 seats will become the City’s largest vegetarian restaurant. The restaurant is expected to open very soon. With most food still priced under $20, it just might worth the stroll to South Granville.

Heirloom, 1509 West 12th,

Last modified: August 21, 2012

3 Responses to " Greens & Gourmet vegetarian restaurant closes as Heirloom prepares to open "

  1. Bill Barilko says:

    That place was well and truly awful-glad to see the back of them their idiotic staff and preposterously stupid management.

    The old Primo’s location is going to be quite a challenge few people know about it’s location the doorway being so obscure, the room is quite dark and will need some serious money to look like anything but a sub-basement.

    The Good News is that the demographic around South Granville is changing as the perfume drenched blue rinse set slowly but surely give up the ghost.

  2. Sansa says:

    G and G- The closure was a combo of things, a landlord who refused to make any improvements (notice the dollar store in the front is gone as well).
    G and G’s owner more or less let the place run itself into the ground as well with barely any input or updates, letting the staff run it and slowly but surely it became unprofitable.
    Don’t hold your breath on a rebirth.

  3. Hanna says:

    Yes they have closed and want to re-open, perhaps in UBC but looking pretty glum right now.