Where to watch Euro 2012 in Kits


I was taking my son to the doctor Sunday morning and noticed a sea of people in soccer jerseys heading into the Manchester Public Eatery on West Broadway, which clued me into the fact that Euro 2012 must be on! I wouldn’t consider myself a soccer fan, but I have always loved the energy that comes with Euro and the World Cup. Soccer fans are notorious for being crazy which can make for a fun night…or early afternoon in the case of Euro.

Most Vancouver soccer fans head to Commercial Drive to partake in this tournament. While I admit the Drive promises lots of fun, it is usually packed and getting a seat with a television view (let alone 2 or more) is a serious challenge.

Consider staying in the ‘hood instead. Sunset Tap House & Whiskey Bar (2204 York Ave.), Ceili’s Irish Pub (7th/West Broadway), The Wolf and Hound (3617 West Broadway) and Manchester Public Eatery (1941 West Broadway) are all open daily and broadcasting the games. Euro is on now until July 1.

Kitsilano soccer fans, where are you planning to watch the games?

Last modified: June 11, 2012

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