Icebreaker TouchLab launches spring/summer Black Sheep collection


You probably associate Icebreaker TouchLab (West 4th and Arbutus) with warm winter layers, or perhaps those scantily clad, attractive, ram-headed individuals that sometimes roam the neighbourhood in pairs, sporting Icebreaker separates. But Icebreaker makes more than sporty winter wear; they have several spring clothing options that are well worth checking out.

Icebreaker just debuted their ultra-soft, luxurious spring/summer Black Sheep collection as a part of the New Zealand-based company’s Journeys range. Although you can’t go wrong with Icebreaker’s breathable merino workout wear, BlackSheep offers a chance to wear exceptionally fine, natural materials as chic daywear.

The Journeys range includes light tees, boatneck sweaters, minimalist dresses and simple cover-ups. Fun fact: The wool is 100% natural and biodegradable; if you bury it, it will simply disappear.

Pictured right: Icebreaker TouchLab’s fine, merino s/s 2012 Bliss Wrap from the Journeys Range. Image credit: Icebreaker Touchlab

Icebreaker Touchlab, 2089 West 4th Avenue,

Last modified: March 19, 2012

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