Refuel adds June 9 Spot Prawn Boil


You know how loves spot prawns, so I’m giving you the inside info on this awesome neighbourhood foodie event. When Refuel began hosting its famous Spot Prawn Boil a couple of years back, there were only 12 coveted bar seats available. This year, Refuel has wisely expanded the event to include 50 people at multiple sittings.

The next Refuel Spot Prawn Boil takes place Thursday, June 2. According to Refuel’s tweets, there are very limited tix still available. So check it out.  But if you’re too late, don’t fret.

The last Spot Prawn Boil of the year is June 9, and about 50% of the tickets have sold so far. They’re moving quickly. After I share the menu, I’m sure they’ll move faster still.

Expect to pay $59 for three courses. The Refuel team is serving a starter salad, followed by 100 pounds of spot prawns boiled with fresh spring veg and a tasty house made pork sausage. It’s communal dining, which means fragrant heaps of this local delicacy spread across the table and some quality get to know your neighbour over shellfish convo.

Once that’s done, keep your shirtsleeves rolled up. Refuel wouldn’t let you leave without dessert.

Price: $59 per person (beverages, tax and gratuity are not included)
Reserve: Call 604-288-7905, credit card number required to reserve
Refuel Restaurant & Bar, 1944 W4th Ave,

Last modified: May 31, 2011

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