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We managed to make it out for lunch at db Bistro Moderne last Monday. Originally we were thinking to go for dinner, but logistics worked in favour of lunch, and the menus are fairly similar.

The new space is beautiful, and it’s certainly more spacious than Feenies was. I wonder what that means for Lumiere, perhaps they had to give up some seats. Anyway, we didn’t come for the decor, we came for the food. More specifically, I came for the db Burger.

But, first things first. We started the afternoon with a Caesar Salad, which, truth be told, we both thought was somewhat sub-par. Nothing spectacular, just a very plain salad with dressing that almost tasted like it was store bought. And at $16 that is a tad disappointing.

Next up, our main courses. Steak Frites for my wife and the db Burger for me. Wow. Both dishes were amazing. I have always found it surprisingly hard to find good steak in this city, and usually just don’t bother ordering it for fear of disappointment. My wife has no such fear, and she was hugely rewarded. A great steak with fantastic fries. As for the burger, it sure did live up to its reputation. More meatball than burger, this monster – filled with braised short ribs and foie gras – is simply delicious. This could well become Vancouver’s best burger, just like its predecessor. The title that it already gets is most expensive burger; at $28 this will not turn into a regular indulgence.

Desert had us strongly divided. We shared the chocolate sundae, an intricately layered desert in a glass, that I thought was delicious, but my wife thought was so-so. She thought the bottom layer was rubbery and the chocolate whip cream “just wrong”. Then again, I am the one in our house that always orders chocolate deserts, whereas my wife never does, so trust me, it was delicious!

In all, a great experience, but probably not one we will be able to repeat too soon or too often.

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Last modified: July 14, 2010

4 Responses to " db Bistro Moderne "

  1. foodie911 says:

    Hasn’t Diva at the Met been making the DC burger for the last year and a half??

  2. Erik V. says:

    Hmmm, that’s interesting. The specs look suspiciously similar (short ribs, foie gras), as does the name (dc vs. db). Wonder what’s up with that…

  3. gerb says:

    I miss feenie’s.