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BloglinesAccording to Bloglines, there are only 9 people subscribed to our RSS feed – four of which are publicly displayed (thanks planetfish, TadMcIlwraith, vanmega, and WarwickPatterson) . Based on Bloglines share of the news aggregator market (20%), I figure there are approximately 50 people currently subscribed. That seems kinda weak. In an effort to improve this I’ve moved the ‘Subscribe to this blog’s feed‘ link to the top of the left nav bar, right above the search box.

Maybe our readers fear automation and just visit on a whim. Prove me wrong. Subcribe and enjoy. This way you’ll know when Mikey has posted rather than having to search through my boring posts (this one is a great example).

Last modified: January 27, 2006

7 Responses to " Free lifetime subscription "

  1. Weird: I subscribe to you through Bloglines, and I’m set to be public, so I ought to be turning up in that list. Maybe you have more followers than you know…

  2. Travis Smith says:

    Switch to FeedBurner for your feed — you’ll get much better statistics…

  3. I’m not a subscriber: I prefer to see you in your full HTMLed glory.

  4. Thanks Travis! I’ve signed up for FeedBurner and added their subscribe link to the site. I’ve demoted it back down to the bottom of the left nav bar though. What does everybody think of the new orange button ( that is apparently the standard? Is it becoming as recognizable as the old-school RSS and XML buttons?

  5. Rob says:

    Kits is a pretty small area in terms of population and the average person hasn’t quite caught onto the RSS thing yet. It’ll take a while to build subscribers.

    Don’t let that get you down though. I think things will build with time. I’ll submit a post or two myself if it helps!

  6. James says:

    I’ve been in like Flynn on the RSS feed for a few months now, if that’s any boost to you. Feedburner has worked well in the past for tracking subscribers but currently seems b0rked with some vague promise of new engineering functionality to come.

  7. Bill MacEwen says:

    I just picked up this blzog in bloglines…

    People seem to prefer reading the full post in bloglines rather than just the teaser. I bet if you made that switch more people would get on board. I know I’d be a little happier!