Icebreaker Launches Yoga Collection for Women

image006If you’re bored with Lululemon or simply looking for yoga wear made from better textiles, Icebreaker‘s new yoga collection should pique your interest. The merino specialist (located at 2089 W 4th Ave.)  is launching its first yoga-inspired garments for Spring/Summer 2014.

Image: Icebreaker

Image: Icebreaker

Wool is ideal for fitness, as our lumberjack B.C. residents of yore can attest to, because  it breathes to prevent overheating, resists odour and feels pretty nice, even when you’re sweating.

The line includes merino wool tops, leggings and hoodies for women. These aren’t cable knits. We’re talking light, soft and airy. If you’re thinking the way I am, you’re also going to want to wear them on your next jog.

Icebreaker, 2089 W 4th Ave., 778-329-2710,

Food Porn: Lucky’s Tiramisu Doughnut

Image: Tiramisu bismarck at Lucky's

Image: Tiramisu bismarck at Lucky’s

This post is about the tiramisu bismarck at Lucky’s Doughnuts. We’d rather be having the tiramisu doughnut for breakfast right now than our usual porridge. Why? Because it’s a light-as-air yeast doughnut topped with fluffy mascarpone and dusted with cocoa powder; it might ascend were it not anchored down by the sinfully pleasurable goop known as coffee pastry cream. In contrast, our porridge is grey gruel – tedious, fibrous fuel – sweetened only by mouth-puckering out-of-season berries.

But how to justify buying one on a Tuesday, not even a weekend splurge day? Maybe if we bought a box of them, we could give them to a friend or colleague who would surely invite us to share one over a coffee. Better still, we could organize our next interview at Lucky’s and order one … to share, of course. OR: we could write a very short blog post about the tiramisu bismarck. Because if we did that, everyone at would have to try one. It would be a blogger duty.


Lucky’s Doughnuts, 2198 West 4th Avenue, 604.420.4901,

Meet the Revamped BiBo Pizzeria Con Cucina


When I walk into BiBo Pizzeria Con Cucina late on Tuesday evening, I am immediately greeted by a charming young Italian couple. Andrea and Michela Bini are exactly what you expect of married Italian restaurant owners – excitable and hospitable, they usher me in and make me comfortable, ready to share their work, their stories, and, most importantly, their food.

Last year, BiBo reopened on Valentine’s Day after a change of ownership and two months of renovations. The new and improved interior is cozy and elegant, with red walls and brick accents, a black-and-white Italian movie playing above the bar, a giant mural of an actual street in Italy filling one corner, and shelves stocked with bottles and jars of sauces and spices. Andrea and Michela designed the interior themselves, but it seems like the change they are most proud of is the new patio. Although just big enough to fit two small tables, the large windows open wide in June for the entire restaurant to enjoy the fresh air and street view. Read more…

Studying for Exams? Where to Pull an All-Nighter in Kitsilano


Image: Siegel’s Bagels

It’s that time of year again for Vancouver university students. During exams, real estate for your bum and books is hard to come by, especially in the wee hours of the night when you really, really need to be anywhere except your apartment. Kitsilano has a few cafes and restaurants that are open 24/7. Here’s where to geek it up at 3am. Read more…

Best Spring Style Finds in Kitsilano

Image: Miz Mooz

Image: Miz Mooz

Spring is in the air! Flowers are blooming, eyes are itching, and the sun is peeking through the rain every once in a while. One of my favourite things about Vancouver is that we get four distinct seasons every year, and what better way to mark the start of a new season than with a new purchase? Spring screams bright colours, fresh patterns, and fun accessories. I scoured our local shops to find the best springtime treats to don from head to toe. Read more…

5 Ways to Get Gardening in Kitsilano


Herbs growing in a recycled wine box.


The cherry trees are blooming, the grass is growing, and those clever crows are getting really vocal. It’s springtime in Kitsilano and it’s also time to tend to your gardens, big and small. Here are 5 ways to get gardening in Kitsilano NOW. No matter what size your green space – a full garden or a few pots on the window sill – we’ve got you sorted. Read more…

Rain or Shine’s Awesome New Flavour Pairs Craft Beer + Ice Cream

Image: Rain or Shine Ice Cream

Image: Rain or Shine Ice Cream

Rain or Shine, Kitsilano’s small-batch ice cream shop which has caused a 10%* rise in foot traffic on West 4th, has a new seasonal ice cream flavour made with White IPA from Powell Street Craft Brewery. We were already fans of the suds. Now we have another reason to eat ice cream. Get it while it’s … cold.

102-1926 West 4th Avenue, (604) 428-7246,

*denotes inexact figure

Air Canada Rouge Low Cost Carrier Expands Service to Vancouver

Air Canada Rouge uniforms Image: Air Canada

Image: Air Canada

Yeah, we live on a beach. But that doesn’t stop us from dreaming of our next vacation over here at  Low cost carrier Air Canada Rouge (a subsidiary of Air Canada) begins service out of Vancouver this spring. Their focus is leisure travel. So we’re looking forward to cheaper flights to sunny destinations plus more route options.

Rouge will fly to a number of destinations where Air Canada has already flown to in the past — just more frequently. Air Canada Rouge will take over Air Canada’s flights to Los Angeles, San Francisco, Las Vegas and Anchorage. The airline announced that it will introduce new seasonal non-stop service operated by Air Canada rouge between Vancouver and Phoenix beginning December 17, 2014.

We also expect, especially in Europe, a rollout of additional destinations. Rouge plans to operate a total of 54 routes, including new service this summer to Barcelona, Dublin, Lisbon, Manchester, Nice and Rome. Read more…

5 Underrated Coffee Shops in Kitsilano

Image: Culprit Coffee

Image: Culprit Coffee

As one of the world’s best cities for coffee, Vancouver knows how to brew the best cup, pair it with the perfect pastry, and serve it with a smile. I like to think that Kitsilano is at the forefront of our city’s coffee reputation. In a community of high-strung students and new families, fitness gurus and early risers, pretty young things and aspiring entrepreneurs, caffeine plays a major role in the lives of us Kits folk.

Whether to grab-and-go at the start of the day or labour over with a textbook, coffee is always in demand in Kits. We all have our favourite go-tos, and we all know the big guys (49th Parallel, Calhoun’s, Blenz), so I scoured the streets for a few spots that may unjustly fly under the radar sometimes.

Here are my top picks for underrated hidden gem coffee shops in Kitsilano. Read more…