Bike Rage in Kitsilano – Pregnant Kits Woman Alleges Assault by Cyclist

Image credit: Google Street View

Image credit: Google Street View

On Friday evening, October 9th, Mandy Pappas was walking to the Henry Hudson Elementary School in Kitsilano to cast her advance vote for the upcoming federal elections. As she was crossing the street at the intersection of Cypress Street and York Avenue (a four-way stop with newly added bike lanes), a man riding a bike sped through the stop sign without stopping and nearly hit her.

Pappas, who is five months pregnant and a mother of a two-year-old daughter, yelled at the cyclist at which point the cyclist turned around and came back at her. Pappas alleges assault. The cyclist, after the story went viral, turned himself in and responded with a strange explanation of his return to confront Mandy, and subsequent flight from the scene. See the full story here from CTV News. Read more…

Kitsilano’s 99-B Bus Line Is The Most Crowded in Vancouver

Image: Arnold C (User:Buchanan-Hermit)

Image: Arnold C (User:Buchanan-Hermit)

TransLink has released the 2014 Bus Service Performance Review which has stats on the most overcrowded routes in 2014. Drum roll, please. The 99-B line which runs on Broadway through the heart of Kits up to UBC is the most crowded bus line in all of Vancouver.  17.3 million people crammed on board these buses last year. The buses on this route are full 43% of the time. Read more…

Uber Ride-Sharing App Pushing to Get Back on Vancouver Roads


The popular ride-sharing app Uber was driven out of Vancouver in 2012 by the provincial Transportation Board. The regulator requested the company apply for a limousine licence, which requires consumers to spend a minimum of $75 per trip. But now, there are rumours the ride share service that’s gaining popularity around the world may be making a Vancouver comeback.

We’ve used it in cities including LA, DC and Chicago and are not displeased to hear that the San Francisco-based company has been tweeting its intentions to return to our fair town. Read more…

Vancouver Bike Share Program Delayed Again

bikesharingThe City of Vancouver’s bike share program has been delayed once again. We’ve been hearing about the plan since 2011. As of 2013, tourists and residents expected to benefit from a public bike share system. But the latest news is that Vancouver’s bike share dream is pushed back to 2015.

Why? This time, it’s because Bixi, the company set to run the program, has been experiencing financial woes. The Globe & Mail chalks this up to growing pains for the bike share company. Bike sharing has gone from nonexistent in 2012 to more that 25,000 bikes in more than 30 cities in North America. They’re struggling to keep up with demand as well as properly organize supply. Meanwhile, sponsorship for the program is far from sored. Read more on that here. Read more… Seeks a New Biking Blogger

bikeCycling is a hot topic in Kitsilano, especially with all the hullabaloo over the Kitsilano seawall bike path. We’re looking for a hot-blooded, devoted bike commuter to tackle the issues that arise biking in Vancouver. Blog topics can range from general bicycle-themed issues, to current events, gear and meet-ups.

Requirements: A passion for cycling. A strong opinion.  A clear voice. A knowledge of bicycle gear and routes. A commitment to blogging every two weeks.

Email us if you’re interested. It’s first come, first served. And thanks to our former biking blogger Anthony Floyd for a terrific two years! 

Kitsilano Remains Deeply Divided over Point Grey Road Closure

9404313On January 18, Point Grey Road between Macdonald and Alma streets closed to through traffic for vehicles. This is part of the controversial $6-million Kitsilano greenway plan that will link Burrard Bridge to the western beaches with a bike/pedestrian route.

Cars are being diverted along Macdonald and encouraged to use 4th Avenue, Broadway, 10th Avenue or 16th Avenue to proceed farther west. Read more…

Cargo Bikes: Haul Stuff on Two Wheels

@sunrise604 hauls a Christmas Tree home by bike

@sunrise604 hauls a Christmas Tree home on her Surly Big Dummy

Cargo bikes made a bit of a splash in the news last week when the Associated Press ran a story on some Seattleites and how they use their bicycles to haul kids, groceries, and other bulky items.

Cargo bikes have always intrigued me. They seem like the logical next step for someone who uses their bicycle to commute back and forth to work: a bicycle that you can use to get things other than yourself around the city. When I drop my kids off at school, there is a parent who glides up on her Yuba Mundo with a kid or two on the back, and I look on enviously. Read more…

I Am a Cyclist

Cyclist CollageLanguage is important. Words are important. We need to refer to things with labels, and in labeling things we often pack a lot of meaning into a single word. One of these loaded words is “cyclist”.

A recent article in Gizmodo, of all places, discusses how using the word “cyclist” is dangerous and how saying “people on bikes” could be safer — safer as in improving the physical safety of people. The central argument of the the piece is that the word “cyclist” brings to mind a certain stereotype: lycra-wearing, speed-racing, law-breaking, expensive bikes and gear, hyper-competitive people. Read more…

Kitsilano Bike Path Controversy Continues

Hadden Park signI’ve purposely ignored the controversy surrounding the Park Board plan to upgrade the bike route from Vanier Park to the new on-road portions of the Seaside Greenway on Pt. Grey Road beside Kitsilano Beach Park. Earlier this week, however, the Vancouver Park Board agreed to abide by an injunction application put before the BC Supreme Court against construction in the park pending a challenge brought by Kits Point resident and historian Megan Carvell Davis.

Read more…

B.C. Supreme Court Stops Controversial Bike Path through Kitsilano Beach Park


For the moment, the B.C. Supreme Court has halted the controversial bike path set to run through Kitsilano Beach/Hadden Park.

As reported by The Province:

Today a B.C. Supreme Court order was issued, barring the city from paving a path through Hadden Park, before a hearing on the legality of the plan. The lawsuit was put forward by historian Megan Carvell Davis. Davis believes city plans for a three-metre wide paved path through the middle of the park violates the terms under which park land was gifted to the city in 1928, by Harvey Hadden. Read more…