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How Became a Blog – Q&A With Founder Rob Lewis

Rob Lewis. founder

Rob Lewis. founder

Today is our 10 year anniversary. Feel free to make some noise.

Most people don’t know how the blog began or what its purpose is. No, we are not the neighbourhood BIA. We are a community blog with many talented contributors who share their experiences from all walks of Kitsilano life.

February 1, 2005, there were only a couple of guys who needed beer money. Meet Rob Lewis. The man who founded

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10 Things We Love/Don’t Love About Kits

Image: Wikipedia Commons

Image: Wikipedia Commons

Every romance has its foibles. In honour of our 10 year anniversary today, February 1, we’ve collected a list of 10 things we love and really don’t love about living in Kitsilano.  All of our bloggers have pitched in. Read more…

Where to Watch Super Bowl XLIX in Kitsilano?

superbowl-xlix_home_pageThis is it. It’s down to one game. Super Bowl XLIX takes place this Sunday, February 1. So where are you going to watch the Seahawks take on the Patriots?

Even if you really like your couch, the beery, brunch-y camaraderie of a pub full of roaring fans adds an undeniable thrill. Pub viewing also gives you the chance to debate the merits of Super Bowl commercials with a stranger.

Here are a few places to watch Super Bowl XLIX in Kitsilano. Tell us where you’re going to watch by commenting below! Read more…

10 Businesses in Kits That Are Older Than 10

The Naam. Image: Ruth Hartnup

The Naam. Image: Ruth Hartnup

Guess what?’s 10 year anniversary is coming up February 1. We’re doing a series of anniversary posts over the next few days to celebrate our history in the Kitsilano community. We started with a look at the Then and Now Kitsilano photo series . Our second anniversary post is “10 Businesses in Kits That Are Older Than 10.”

This post is dedicated to the other grizzled oldtimers in Kits who predate yoga pants (okay fine, Lululemon was founded in 1998), we meant predate Whole Foods (2007) and have made our borough a better place for over a decade.

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Kitsilano Then and Now (Photos)

Greer's Beach, 1896. Image: Vancouver Archives

Greer’s Beach, 1896. Image: Vancouver Archives

Guess what?’s 10 year anniversary is coming up February 1. We’re doing a series of anniversary posts over the next few days to celebrate our history in the Kitsilano community. Our first anniversary post is on Vancouverite Andrew Farris and his Then and Now photo series.

We often turn to the Vancouver Archives for snapshots of Kitsilano’s past. Farris’s Then and Now photo series makes the vintage photo experience more intense because he features exact locations in two time frames (past and present). When you hover over the image you see the dramatic scene change. Read more…

New Vancouver Craft Beer Website Tells You Where You Can Fill Your Growler

Image: Flickr user butch

Image: Flickr user butch

The craft beer scene in Vancouver keeps growing. It’s not easy to keep up with who’s doing what and where to buy their suds. Enter, a website which hopes to make satisfying your next beer craving even easier. How? They show you which breweries in Vancouver offer growler fills, when they offer them and how much they cost. And we all know craft beer tastes better fresh from the tap. Read more…

10 Things You Should Buy Used


You just spent a bunch of money on Christmas presents. It’s time to cut back, but you still need the basics like transport, textbooks and a phone. Where can you save some money? For some products, there’s no point in getting the shiny, full-price version.

Here are 10 things it makes sense to buy used. Read more…

Target Closing All Canadian Stores

Image:  Kevin Dooley

Image: Kevin Dooley

Get ready to gloat. Why? Because it’s annoying when something gets so much advance fanfare and is such a gigantic let down. Like Target coming to Canada. Now, as we speculated, Target is pulling out of Canada. In numbers: 133 Target Canada stores will be liquidated and 17,600 Canadians will be left jobless. Target Canada is trying to establish an Employee Trust of CAD $70 million to pay their workers a 16-week severance package. Read more…

Vancouver Hot Chocolate Festival 2015: Where and What To Sip Sweetly in Kits


January is a snore. That’s why they make up ridiculously indulgent events like Dine Out and Vancouver Hot Chocolate Festival to help you endure it. Vancouver Hot Chocolate Festival, now in its fifth year, commences January 17 and ends February 14. 25 Vancouver cafes, patisseries, chocolateries and bakeries have concocted over 50 special drinking chocolates for the event. They range from enticing and rich to palate-boggling and bizarre.

In Kitsilano, the participants are 49th Parallel Coffee Roasters + Lucky’s Doughnuts, Chocolate Arts, Terra Breads and Thomas Haas.

From wasabi hot chocolate with a sesame florentine at Chocolate Arts to caramelized hazelnut and almond butter infused choc at Thomas Haas, here are the Kitsilano Hot Chocolate Festival menus. Read more…