Delicious Thing We Ate: Brioche Hot Cross Buns at Beaucoup Bakery


Image: Jackie Kai Ellis/Beaucoup Bakery

Image: Jackie Kai Ellis/Beaucoup Bakery

If you add one more treat to your Easter menu, let it be brioche hot cross buns from Beaucoup Bakery. When some French upper class lady said “Let them eat cake,” (it wasn’t Marie Antoinette; that’s urban legend), she was referring to brioche, the buttery almost bread that’s impossible to put down once you tear off a tender corner. If you use that recipe as a base for hot cross buns, it’s magic. Beaucoup has enriched their brioche recipe with candied lemon and orange peel, currants and a pinch of spice. Tradition never tasted so good.

Sold individually, Beaucoup’s brioche hot cross buns are a far cry from one a penny. They’re priced at $2.75 and we were not sorry we sprung for them. They will be stocked daily from  until April 6. If you want to place a bigger order, call ahead 604-732-4222.

2150 Fir Street (@ 6th Avenue),

Last modified: April 3, 2015

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