Soon-to-open Tractor restaurant hopes to win over Kits with salads at 1903 West 4th Avenue

tractorThere’s a new healthy comfort food restaurant, Tractor, set to open at 1903 West 4th according to this Georgia Straight article. Steven Clarke and Meghan Clarke, the husband wife team behind the restaurant, aim to serve 20 dishes with 10-12 salads in the mix. They’ll also serve sandwiches, soups and stews – describing their stuff as “heavy on veggies” and dishes that are “actually quite painful to assemble on your own at home.”

The space at West 4th Avenue and Cypress was formerly a Plasmabed store. After renovations expect a clean, modern space with re-purposed wood furniture and concrete floors. Food will be served cafeteria style. The restaurant will be open for lunch and dinner, with salads served by the scoop as opposed to by weight. Patrons are encouraged to mix and match. Lunch/light supper should run $10. Hearty dinner will be more like $15.

When will Tractor open? They say end of April but that’s not definite. They’re still working on obtaining the permits. You’ll know when you see a flock of Lululemon office yogaphiles swarming West 4th on a lunch field trip. Read more here.

2 Responses to “Soon-to-open Tractor restaurant hopes to win over Kits with salads at 1903 West 4th Avenue”

  1. patrick says:

    Nothing says “salads” like Tractor. What the..

  2. Bill Barilko says:

    Anyone remember how long it took for Nuba on Seymour to open-had to be 18 months and they too started with just 4 bare walls.

    Permits are needed for everything these days and this place needs fans, refrigeration, plumbing and electrical upgrades-look to mid summer @ the earliest.